“Every Sunday after church 3 hours of my day was spent doing yard work. I like the final product, but the effort was much. My equipment was mediocre and the weed eater was tough to start. You know the rest of that familiar story. I have always done my own yard. I always took pride in doing my own yard. I always felt very accomplished, but tired, after doing my own yard. In fact, I think I had one of the nicer yards in the neighborhood. To the point…since Mcknight-Yeary Landscape/Toby started doing my yard, I have been so very pleased and happy with the results. I no longer have to spend 3 hours of my Sunday doing yard work in the blazing sun, I no longer have to try to crank the weed eater multiple times, and I no longer have to maintain any yard equipment. In addition to that good news, my yard always looks nice, maintained and has the touch of a professional. I will admit, it even looks better than when I did it. I hope to never ever have to do my own yard or own yard equipment again. I am sincere in saying that I really appreciate Toby and his crew for giving me time back into my life. Three hours is an enormous amount of time I can now give back to my family. You may not know what you are missing until you have tried McKnight –Yeary Landscape and Irrigation.”

– George H. Bobbitt, D.C.

“All that can be said is wow! They cleaned up our yard and left our property perfectly manicured. Thanks Toby!”

– Maria S. Arlington

“They have a design eye that made our landscaping better then we could have ever imagined. Thanks McKnightYeary Landscaping”

Todd Mansfield

“Toby and his team are a class act. We have called him many times at the last minute and he has made it happen”

Sarah Arlington